James Short

Jason Short

Managing Partner at Buckinghamshire Wills & Trusts Ltd
Specialist area
Wills & Trusts

Jason ran a large print business for more than 20 years and was the Chairman of The British Print Industry Federation as well as being a Board Member of The European Carton Makers Association. After suffering a personal tragedy, it was decided the time was right to give back, and just prior to Covid 19 Buckinghamshire Wills & Trusts was born.

Having had personal experience in the importance of a Will, the opportunity to pass on your wealth, no matter how great or small, to the ones you love, is something everyone deserves and it’s one we at Buckinghamshire Wills & Trusts take very seriously.

Your Will allows you to appoint guardians for your children, it will let you choose who your executors are as they will administer your Last Will and Testament, and also lets you appoint your trustees, your most trusted associates, friends, and family to look after your financial affairs.

We at BW&T are a dedicated team of professionals specialising in Last Will & Testaments, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Letter of Wishes, Severance of Tenancy Agreements and Trusts.

A Trust is a way to hold a property for the benefit of others (the beneficiaries) without giving them full control over it. It’s a way of preserving your wealth and can help to mitigate inheritance tax.

The trustees (these are the legal owners of the assets you’ve given control of) are the people that administer your trust on your behalf.