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You’ve got big plans – we can help you achieve them! Whether you need to buy new equipment, refinance existing debt more efficiently or drive the next stage of business growth, we can help you access the finance or cashflow facilities you need at competitive rates.

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We’ll help you access the business loans you need to achieve your goals

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, SME, sole trader or larger business owner, we’ll help you access the finance you need to achieve your goals and improve your bottom line. From start-up support to helping your company expand into new markets, we provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Our business loan team

Located in the heart of historic Tunbridge Wells, Kent, in our fabulous offices on The Pantiles, our business loans service is headed by
Gillian Palmer of Lending Made Simple.

Gillian and the Lending Made Simple Team specialise in helping entrepreneurs and business owners in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and the surrounding villages access the finance deals that best support their challenges and opportunities to fuel their commercial growth.

How our business loan team can help

Challenges and opportunities that the Lending Made Simple team can help businesses in Tunbridge Wells with include:

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Our business loan products

Business loans

Whether you want to finance new equipment, plant and machinery, technology or premises, whether you’re looking to finance business growth and expansion plans or need the financial support to weather a change in circumstances, take on new staff or buy more stock, we have access to a great range of products and will help you find one that best supports your needs.

Unsecured funding

We have access to a range of products offering unsecured loans from three months to five years, often with no early repayment fees and without the need to be a homeowner. Unsecured funding could help you:

Secured funding

Your existing assets, such as your home or investment properties, can help you secure loans at lower rates than are typically available with unsecured funding. Secured business loans can be a great way to turbo charge your business growth and can be used to finance anything from new equipment to an office refurbishment. An equitable charge is made on your asset, with some products not requiring consent from an existing lender (such as a mortgage provider) or a perfect credit history.

Debt refinancing

If you already have a business loan or expensive credit facilities, we can look to see if we can secure finance on more favourable terms for you to reduce your monthly outgoings and improve your bottom line.

Debt consolidation

If your business has a number of existing financial arrangements, it can prove cost effective to consolidate them to secure more favourable terms. We have saved clients thousands of pounds in monthly debt charges simply by providing more strategic management of their finances and scouring the markets to get them a better deal.

Revolving Cashflow Facilities

Business can have ups and downs, cashflow is not always predictable – that’s where a Revolving Cashflow Facility comes into its own. Rather like an overdraft facility with your bank, it’s there when you need it, but you don’t have to pay interest when you’re not using it. Revolving Cashflow Facilities can be a cost-effective way to smooth the impact of economic fluctuations and help take financial headaches out of your business. Unlike some forms of finance, there are no early repayment penalties. If you’re a young business, managing your revolving cashflow facility well can also help build up your credit history to enable you to access more significant finance in the future – something to consider if you have big plans!

Access to government backed loans

We don’t need to tell you that the coronavirus pandemic has put many businesses under more strains than ever before, which is why – as you’re probably aware – there is more government financial assistance available to businesses than ever before. But government grants such as the Recovery Loan Scheme are not right in every circumstance, and – if they are the right solution for your business – you need to know how to present your case to secure funding. That’s where our experts can help: we’ll guide you through the different government backed loan options available, help you assess which is most appropriate for your business and then put your case in the best possible light to secure funding to help your business through to its next chapter.

Invoice finance

If you’re owed money by clients and this is causing you cashflow problems, invoice finance could be a solution to reduce your financial worries and secure your business’s future. Sadly, many businesses fail each year due to outstanding monies; invoice discounting, invoice factoring and selective invoice discounting can provide a solution to improve your cashflow, offer flexible finance terms to your clients to make you competitive within your sector, take advantage of early payment discounts with your own suppliers or finance business expansion. Invoice financing is normally quick to arrange, doesn’t require additional security, can grow with turnover and comes with no long-term responsibilities.

Merchant Cash Advance

If you take money via a merchant machine (credit or debit card payment machine), you could get an advance of 125% of your business’s monthly credit/debit card turnover. In return, you pay a fixed percentage of all card revenue until the advance and fixed fee are paid off. The decision to offer you finance is based purely on your debit/credit card turnover; you don’t need to be a homeowner or have a strong personal credit history.

Personal guarantee insurance

If you’re a director and have had to sign a personal guarantee to secure funding for your business, we can help secure insurance for you to give you peace of mind in case your business became insolvent. Personal guarantee insurance can help you sleep easy in your bed at night – knowing that it won’t be taken from you.

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