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Looking to upsize to a larger property, buy a second house, or move to your dream location? We can help you find the residential mortgages that will best suit your ideal property plans.

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Mortgage deals that make sense for your dream move

If you’ve found the house of your dreams or are looking to help a loved one take their first step onto the property ladder, we have the residential mortgage plans that will help support your move. Whether it’s for retirement, to upsize, buying a second property or moving to a house that better suits your lifestyle, our tailored residential mortgage plans and advice can help you find the best deals for your circumstances.

Our residential mortgage experts

Our residential mortgage team operating from our fabulous offices in the iconic 1887 The Pantiles, in the heart of Tunbridge Wells’ cultural centre.

The Amor Financial team specialise in helping people looking to buy their ideal property in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks or the surrounding villages achieve their dreams.o

How our residential mortgage experts can help

Our residential mortgages experts have access to a wide range or mortgage products and lenders to help you find one that supports your personal circumstances and goals, including:

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*Think carefully before securing other debts against your home

Our residential mortgage products

First-Time Buyers’ mortgages

If you’re dreaming of getting a foot on the property ladder in Tunbridge Wells or nearby Southborough, Tonbridge or Crowborough – or any of the villages in between – our residential mortgages experts can help. They’ll guide you through the mortgage maze to help you secure your dream first home.

Home improvements

If you’re dreaming of an extension, loft conversion or refurbishment of your current home, or if new ways of working mean you’re looking to build a garden office or studio, then you may need to extend your mortgage or take out a second mortgage to realise your vision and make your house work for you and your family.

Self-build mortgages

If you’ve found a plot of land with which to realise your Grand Designs dream, you’re going to need a self-build mortgage to turn it into reality. Our residential mortgage experts will help you find a loan that offers the flexibility you need to manager your self-build.

Home movers

Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, moving location to get your children into one of Tunbridge Wells’ brilliant schools or to be nearer to loved ones or transport links such as the Hastings line, it’s unlikely that your existing mortgage is going to be the best fit for your new home. We’ll help you find a product that matches your budget and your property to help your move go smoothly.


If your mortgage is coming to the end of its fixed term, it’s likely that remortgaging will be a better solution for you than returning to the uncertainties of variable rates. Remortgaging is also often a good option if your personal circumstances have changed, for example if you’ve moved in with a new partner or are getting divorced. We’ll scour the market to find a mortgage that matches your property and personal circumstances.

Second homes

Whether you live in the Tunbridge Wells area and are looking to buy a holiday home elsewhere, or whether you’re looking for a second home within Tunbridge Wells or West Kent, our mortgage experts will be delighted to help you find a loan that matches your needs. (If you’re planning on renting out your second property, you will need to apply for a commercial mortgage.)

Complex cases

Some mortgages and loans are not straight forward. Fortunately, we specialise in finding solutions where other mortgage brokers draw a blank. So if you’re looking to buy an unusual property, if you have multiple income streams or a complicated credit history, or if you’re an EU citizen living in the UK, you’ve come to the right place.

Self-employed and sole traders

If you’ve recently set up in business on your own, don’t panic that you’ll never be able to afford your own home! We have access to lenders who will provide mortgages based on one year of accounts only. Our experts will have a look at your finances and explain what may be possible for you.

Residential bridging loans

If the completion dates on your house sale and purchase are not quite tying up, we can help you access a bridging loan so you don’t lose your dream home.

Debt consolidation*

This is not the right solution for everyone, and is definitely something you should think carefully about, but if you’ve got a lot of high-interest debt, for example credit cards or pay-day loans, consolidating your debt with your mortgage may make financial sense, especially if you are struggling with the repayments. Our residential mortgage experts will look at your complete financial situation and explore other solutions with you to help you decide which feels like the best for you.

Get in touch today with our Tunbridge Wells
residential mortgage experts to start turning your dream home into a reality

*Think carefully before securing other debts against your home