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Life can be unpredictable — especially so in business. With our tailored commercial insurance, rest easy knowing that we have you covered every step of the way.

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Commercial insurance for business peace of mind

The unexpected happens every day. When you’re a business owner, property developer or commercial landlord, it’s vital that you have the tailored protection you need to keep your assets guarded and your business commercially viable. After all, in an unpredictable world, having the proper checks and balances that protect your business against any possibility can be the make or break that allows you to keep doing what you do best.

Our commercial insurance experts

Our commercial insurance experts are operating out of our welcoming offices in the iconic 1887 building at the end of the Pantiles in the heart of historic Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Oliver and the Acer Insurance team specialise in providing tailored, cost-effective commercial insurance solutions for business owners, landlords and property developers in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and the surrounding villages.

How our commercial insurance experts can help

The Acer Insurance team are experts at developing cost-effective insurance solutions that meets the unique needs of our commercial clients, to support the particular risks and requirements of their sector, including:

Get in touch today with our Tunbridge Wells
commercial insurance experts to ensure your business is protected for all eventualities

Our commercial insurance products

Commercial property insurance

Property insurance for the owners of commercial buildings. Whether your building is used as offices or hosts a hospitality or leisure business, a manufacturing company, a warehouse or storage depot… if you have a business operating in your property, commercial property insurance will provide protection for the building and your investment in it.

Hospitality property insurance
Strange things can happen when people are having a good time, so whether you run a restaurant, hotel, pub, commercial holiday let or Airbnb, hospitality property insurance should be a business essential.
Public liability insurance

Even if your business is not predominantly public facing, public liability insurance is a sensible precaution. It will protect your company from any damage to property or a member of the public, a customer or supplier, whether they are visiting you, you are visiting them, or you meet in a mutual space such as in a café or at an industry conference.

Employers’ liability insurance

If you employ staff, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement, with a potential fine of £2,500 for every day you are not properly insured. It is designed to pay compensation if an employee is injured or becomes ill as a result of working for you. Our experts will make sure your cover matches your needs and is proportionate.

Office insurance

Office insurance can protect not only the building, but your staff and assets in it, including contents, IT and communications equipment, electronic equipment, money and other contents. We can also provide comprehensive policies that include public and/or employer’s liability insurance, so you have one policy and premium to manage.

Business vehicles and fleet insurance

Whether you’re a sole trader or running a fleet of vehicles, we can provide tailored business vehicles insurance to cover your cars, vans, trucks and lorries to keep your business moving.

Cyber liability insurance

Latest government figures show that nearly four in every ten (39%) of businesses and a quarter (26%) of charities report having had cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months – with one in five of these reporting losing money, data or other assets. The good news is incidents are down on the previous years, thought to be a result of changes in business patterns due to the pandemic and increased cyber security measures, partly in response to the General Data Protection Regulation. However, they are still high enough to be concerning and to indicate that no sector is immune. Cyber liability insurance can protect you against the financial costs of a security attack or breach to enable you to keep trading.

Professional indemnity insurance

Even the best of us slip up sometimes, and as your business grows you’ll have a bigger and bigger team, all of whom could make an unintentional mistake for which you would be liable. Professional indemnity insurance provides peace of mind that you’re covered, even if you or one of your members of staff has an off day that might otherwise come with a serious price tag. Our professional indemnity policies will be tailored to your sector and the risks associated with your professional services.

Directors’ and Officers’ insurance

Being a director, SEO or senior manager in a company comes with legal responsibilities. If HMRC or the Health and Safety Executive came knocking, you could be personally liable. You could also be in the firing line if a claimant brought legal proceedings against your company or if an employee brought an employment dispute. Directors’ and Officers’ insurance can cover you for potential criminal or regulatory legal costs. It can also be extended into Corporate Liability insurance.

Commercial combined insurance

If you have a number of commercial insurance needs, it can often be more cost-effective to take out combined commercial insurance that covers all elements of your business operations and areas of risk. As well as saving you money on your policy, it can also save you time (and so more money) by giving you just one simple, straight-forward policy. Discuss your business operations and we can tailor a policy for you that covers only the risks within your business.

Commercial Property Owners’ (Landlords’) insurance

Whether you’re a professional landlord or have become an ‘accidental’ landlord (perhaps renting out your former home), landlords’ insurance will safeguard your investment by providing cover tailored to protect you from the additional risks that come with renting a property. You can opt for buildings, contents, accidental damage, loss of rent and liability cover.

Get in touch today with our Tunbridge Wells
commercial insurance experts to ensure your business is protected for all eventualities