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Foreign Exchange for Business
At The Finance Hub, we understand that even for established international enterprises, navigating the FX space can be a time-consuming and complicated task which often results in missing out on the best possible deal.
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We've launched the financial revolution
On Thursday 3rd March, The Finance Hub hosted a grand launch event for some of the brightest and best of Tunbridge Wells’ business community! Between the champagne, nibbles, networking and singing, it was the perfect chance to introduce ourselves to the vibrant range of local entrepreneurs and established business owners.
How easy is it to get a business loan?
Following the economic hardships of the UK Coronavirus lockdown, many businesses have been searching for ways to secure new funding to achieve better growth and milestones. Read on to find out how a business loan could be the solution for reaching your business goals and what you’ll need to help increase your chances of success.
The Finance Hub story
Our mission is to deliver finances in a new, relevant way, making it accessible and easy to understand for time-poor, ambitious people. That meant creating a new formula and going against the industry grain.
How do we choose The Finance Hub affiliates?
We know it can be confusing when it comes to finding the right people to represent your finances. That’s why all of our affiliates are handpicked for their expert knowledge, values and commitment to helping their customers find the best solutions on the market.