The Finance Hub story

Our mission is to deliver finances in a new, relevant way, making it accessible and easy to understand for time-poor, ambitious people. That meant creating a new formula and going against the industry grain.

Addressing the failings of the existing financial services model

For many years, it’s become widely accepted – by both industry insiders and customers – that finance is something surrounded in mystery, full of so many complex parts that people tend to be too scared to approach before it’s too late! And with different experts advising customers about distinct aspects of their personal and business finances, customers often end up with patchwork solutions, with the right hand not really knowing what the left hand is doing.

Following a challenging financial period for many individuals and businesses across the country, it was time to bring a fresh approach to how people can take more personal control of and become more knowledgeable about their finances, supported by a team that has their best interests at heart – not just a quick sell.

The Finance Hub is a solution to this problem, creating an accessible space for anyone to learn more about how different financial services can help them grow and develop to meet their personal and professional goals.

Holistic solutions, shared values – all under one roof

Our expert financial affiliates all share the same philosophy: that finance shouldn’t be a sales pitch or inaccessible, but should be motivated by a genuine interest in supporting others to grow and helping customers understand properly the options open to them. They are also committed to working collaboratively to provide joined-up solutions across customers’ professional and personal interests.

And so, The Finance Hub was born, bringing together everything from personal finances to property mortgages, business investments to pensions planning, all under one roof!

Why did we choose Tunbridge Wells for our one-stop financial services solution?

Tunbridge Wells is full of young, entrepreneurial people – creatives and innovators. And these are the people that The Finance Hub is designed to service, as they have multiple financial needs – both business and personal – but don’t have much time to research different solutions for the various aspects of their lives.

The Pantiles is a beautiful location, full of spirit and life; financial institutions have typically tended to be tucked away from the beating pulse of the communities they serve – but not us! We want to be in the heart of the town with an open door, to make money matters simple, honest and clear for our clients.

A lot of people have increasingly moved away from the big cities, to avoid the stuffiness and noise, and we couldn’t agree more! These are the people we want to talk to, and the people we know we can help grow with their finances.

How is The Finance Hub difference from the rest of the market?

We believe in an open approach to finance that always puts you, our customer, first. Our affiliates are handpicked not just for their experience and skill, but for the relationships they hold with their clients and their values.

We want to create an environment that encourages trust, understanding and transparency, so that you can always feel confident with your money, or when we recommend you to another of our affiliates whom we feel may be able to help you or your business.

What are the key challenges we faced in setting up The Finance Hub?

One of the most challenging issues in bringing so many different and varied financial services together under one roof has to be regulation. Every financial body has its own rules around how they can present or engage with their clients, so ensuring that all our affiliates are represented properly and in line with their particular rules is something that we take very seriously.

This also includes making sure that anyone who comes to The Finance Hub is greeted by the best affiliate for their specific needs. Whether you’re a one-man band or a large, established business, first-time home buyers or further down the line and dreaming of retirement, every single one of our clients is treated exactly the same, no matter how big or small the opportunity.

That starts off with us listening, to understand your current situation and your goals, and then explaining with full transparency which of our affiliates we think is best placed to help you, where you might benefit from a range of expert support, and how this dovetails together.

Where do we see The Finance Hub in the future?

We’re committed to proving the concept and reaching new locations with affiliates who share our mindset and want to see financial services offered accessibly and collaboratively. A lot of financial services have typically been isolated from each other, but we want to show that there is a genuine benefit to sharing, interacting and learning from each other – for our affiliates, as well as our clients.

One of the first questions we asked ourselves was ‘Why had nobody thought of this before?’ In five to 10 years’ time, we want to make our approach the industry standard, so you can always trust that you are receiving complete support across all your financial needs, without hours spent searching for multiple advisers in a financial maze.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Finance Hub, or the tailored, financial services we can offer you or your business, get in touch today! We’re always happy to take a call, email or make you a coffee if you pop in for a chat.