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Whether it’s a long way off or just around the corner, having the right pension in place is the way to enjoy your retirement exactly as you plan to! Our pensions experts will help.

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What’s your retirement dream? A tropical holiday home, supporting your family, or yachting into the sunset? However you plan to spend your life beyond work, having a pension plan that will help you realise your dreams will enable you to get on with enjoying your present and your future.

Our pensions experts

Our pensions teams operate from our spacious offices in the heart of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, at the western end of the historic Pantiles. Depending upon your personal circumstances and goals, you’ll be looked after by:
  • Expert advice for higher net worth individuals and older professionals

Whichever team you work with, you can rest assured that they are highly experienced at helping business owners and people living in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Southborough, Sevenoaks and the surrounding villages develop pension plans to support their future dreams.

How our pensions experts can help

Our pensions teams are committed to ensuring that people living in Tunbridge Wells and West Kent enjoy their best possible futures through a range of expert advice and products, including:

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Our expert pensions services and products

Pensions reviews and life goals mapping

Our experts will undertake a no-obligation review of your current pension/s to help you understand what your existing schemes will mean for your life after work. They’ll also take time to understand your goals for the future to identify the resources you will need to finance them, and any shortfall between your existing provision and your future ambitions.

Pensions planning and products
Having understood your current pensions situation and your future plans, our pensions experts will create your tailored pensions strategy to put the financial steps in place to support your future goals. They’ll guide you through the options and their recommendations to help you create and implement a pensions plan designed to deliver on your personal goals.
Pensions tracking

Our pensions teams monitor the performance of your pensions, providing regular updates and the opportunity for personal review meetings to ensure your plan remains on track to support your changing objectives and circumstances.

Employer pensions

If you employ people, you have a legal obligation to make pensions provisions for them and to ensure you comply with Auto Enrolment legislation. We can make sure you are compliant and that your company pension scheme helps you attract and retain the best talent, whilst supporting your commercial objectives.

Self-employed pensions

If you work for yourself, it’s important to get expert advice to ensure that your sole trader or director income will support you during your working life and in your retirement. Our experts will guide you through the options so you can enjoy life after work.

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