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Domestic Insurance
Oliver Burt provides an excellent and professional service. My quote was dealt with efficiently and all of the information was clearly presented in a way that made sense for me.
Client: Caroline Simpson
Service Provider: Acer Insurance
Commercial Insurance
It has always been a pleasure to do business with Oliver Burt. He is very efficient, professional and trustworthy.
Client: Saïd Mahrez Bouamra
Service Provider: Acer Insurance
Domestic Insurance
When our home insurance was up for renewal, I approached Acer Insurance for an alternative quotation. Oliver Burt went through our concerns in detail and helped cut through the technical jargon, recommending a solution that best fit our needs.
Client: Ceri Hodgkiss
Service Provider: Acer Insurance
Foreign Exchange
We’ve been using Currency UK for several years now when we realised we could make big savings compared to the usual bank rate offers. Their service is very fast and efficient, making them perfect for our business needs when it comes to foreign exchange requirements.
Client: Current Body
Service Provider: Currency UK
Foreign Exchange
Our agency had a big budget photoshoot abroad – but the volatility of the currency meant we did not want to leave it up to luck to see if we would actually make any gains! Currency UK provided us with the protection and support we needed, and we now prefer them over just using the bank!
Client: CRXSS
Service Provider: Currency UK

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Book an initial chat with one of our friendly experts.

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